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About Jaime

My name's Jaime, and I'm a songwriter/vocalist. You can also find my music under the name "Restless Minds," or "The Restless Minds." My main instruments are the guitar, voice (tenor), and a MIDI keyboard/piano. At the moment, I am looking going to Cuyamaca, and Grossmont College, to get my Associates Degree in music. From there, depending on what's going on in my life, I plan to move onto the work world, or attend a local university. I'll likely be Majoring Sociology, or perhaps something related to reading, and writing. My goal's to get a decent job, that uses more brain than brawn, and have a small family of my own. Of course I'd also like to perform as a songwriter, but as to what extent? Well, that depends on the opportunities life presents to me. Aside from music, and college, I'm also very spiritual. I meditate on a regular basis, sometimes on my own, or within a group at "Prana Hands" in Pacific Beach. I'm also a practitioner of Pranic Healing, or Chi Kung, but I'm still new to it. Back to music, at the moment, I'm looking for musicians, and artists to collaborate with. Performing, songwriting, singing, I'd be happy to do any of those things. Of course for some tasks, my time's not free. To get ahold of me, e-mail me at

My First Professional Music Video

by The Restless Minds (Jaime Flor) This is my first professional quality music video, created, and directed by my associate, colleague, and friend, Mareesa Stertz from the Indie film company “The Seeing Machine.” Mareesa is also the former keyboard player … Continue reading

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